// Curvy Model: Tara Lynn//

First model to be feature here is Tara Lynn. She is at UK size 16 with amazing bone structure and wonderful legs. She was spotted by an agency in Seattle which signed her on the spot afterward. Well, if they didn’t do it, they just made a mistake.

She was at size 12 and used to exercise six days a week. But it couldn’t make her look better because her collarbones were visible, her hips were sticking out and people could see her ribs. Thank God she didn’t do it anymore.

Lynn has been feature in Vogue and Elle. She was also did a H&M advertisement. Of course it is refreshing to see model like her back on magazine and fashion industry. Models used to be curvy back then. But people call them “plus-size models” these days even when they are at size 12. Ridiculous, right?

The 29-years-old Lynn is now working out regularly to keep her shape. Being big doesn’t mean not taking care of your body and she got the point. Look at her, she didn’t even look like a 29-years-old woman. In the end of her interview with Emine Saner, she said “There is no reason to hate what you live in – the only choice is to take care of it.” ★